Dear colleagues!

Our company works in two areas: specialized in the field of taxation and successfully pass this knowledge to entrepreneurs.

In carrying out its work, we save you time and take the responsibility for decision-making in the field of taxation.


We have a rich history. We have come a long way, have realized hundreds of different projects. The company continues to evolve, finding and offering customers new solutions and products.

1998. Our first experience in consulting. The customer – one of the leaders in the field of telecommunications. We have coped with the problem by increasing the speed of payments to creditors by introducing a bill payment form.

Before 2002, we have implemented many such projects with different companies of the energy sector, in the end – from 2002 to 2006, the company has already submitted a multi-Holding (mining, utilities, securities, construction).

A new page in our history has begun in 2009 – 2010 years. We conducted the reorganization process, and sold non-core assets, which allowed to concentrate on our core competence – solving complex problems non-standard methods. Due to the given vector, from 2011 to the present day, our company specializes in two main areas – taxes and risk diversification of our clients.

Our company – is a team of highly qualified consultants who are constantly inventing and applying innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers. To achieve these results, we had to go the hard way and make a great effort to accumulate a unique experience.


We are confident that the people – the absolute value and the engine of social progress, so we value the following principles:

– to make the world better and to strive every day to improve what is responsible for what;

– ┬źCorporate University┬╗ – the company is a learning platform, employees and self-producing their new experience;

– employee – this amounts to its forward movement.