Our team is confident that “everything done yesterday” could crumble like a house of cards. Therefore, planning tax payments is becoming increasingly important. This is probably one of the few areas where spontaneity is unnecessary.

We believe that we have sufficient knowledge to evaluate the risk level and the value of your tax planning model. As a result of our analysis, you will get one of three possible outcomes:

1) recommendations to the model of a lower cost and at the same level of risk;

2) the recommendation to build a model with less risk of an identical value;

3) recognition of specialists with a large selection of examples that the model has the best ratio of price / quality.

The owners their demands to the business and it will be clear to every one of the possible ways out of this or that situation. We can give accurate advice to all variants encountered in practice.

We have an idea of which model will be most optimal from the point of view of compliance with the development strategy and given the level of acceptable risk.