Our company has been successfully developing in accordance with its own “Code of Ethics”, which all observed since its inception and is a prerequisite for membership of a company.

We believe that the basis of the business relationship is trust, therefore, working in the field of sensitive issues, we are attentive to their reputation. Most of our customers have contacted us for advice or personal acquaintance. And we never let our friends and partners.

Often, our partnerships are long-term – for years and even decades. Not surprising, because our customers know that we are:

– are used to solve the problem or problems based on the real situation and the real situation, to tell the truth, whatever it was;

– responsible for the fulfillment of its obligations own money;

– implement a long-term strategy based on the reputation and trust of partners and clients.

Our company believes that the optimum solution must take into account:

– suitable for business risks and consequences, in accordance with the approved strategy of the owners;

– direction and dynamics of changes in the state policy in the field of taxation;

– available with legislative and technical point of view tools.

Currently, the project management and tax consulting we specialize in:

– projects in the field of taxation (the reorganization of enterprises, the issuance of securities, outsourcing of personnel, tracking of exports and imports);

– Recommendations in the formation of cash flows;

– tax planning & comlaince (risk assessment in tax planning);

– Support the client in tax authorities;

– consulting in tax planning;

– advice in structuring transactions to reduce tax expenditures.

Our strength is that we are narrow specialists in certain areas. Accordingly, we must be professional so that customers can concentrate on their core business.